The Claret Collection



Meet Aparna Jain

Aparna is one who wears multiple hats. She is India's first certified Integral Master Coach and CEO of ZebraaWorks. She has authored Own It: Leadership Lessons for Women Who Do (HarperCollins India). There was no better place than to have Aparna in action for TLL. While wearing what she calls a 'very feminine yet professional' TLL ensemble, Aparna takes on issues around women and workplaces at STP PowerBreakfast. Her uber confidence is complemented by the sharpness of the Claret Collection. While red stands for strong personalities, Aparna's power lies in being warm, endearing and always upfront. Go for the Claret Collection to leave a lasting impression in whatever you do. Just #OwnIT

This collection includes the following pieces. Buy one or buy all. You will be pleasantly surprised by its versatility to take you places. 



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