The Elvan Collection


Meet Aditi Khurana

Aditi is  the India Head for New York School of Visual Arts and also an art curator. She believes that either you should be a piece of art or wear one! TLL caught up with her as she  was documenting Delhi's street art. Aditi's work also makes her travel a lot. She does an incredible 14 cities and 3 countries in just 6 months. We introduced her to our black and white collection that gave her the option to layer up according to where she is headed. Each layer completely transforms her look from being uber chic to a power dresser. The vibrancy of her personality is complimented through the edginess of this TLL ensemble. She truly embodies the fact that women who wear black lead colorful lives. Elvan means 'a colorful person' in Turkish. Turkish designs being the theme for this collection. Ah! Serendipity!

This collection includes the following pieces. Buy one or buy all. You will be pleasantly surprised by its versatility to take you places. 



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