The Lumina Collection


Meet Antje Pfahl

Antje is a communications strategist and public relations consultant who designs customer experience journeys. In her time at organizations like PayTM, PepsiCo India among others, she worked on bringing people together. For her, that is where the greatest strength of humanity lies. A people's person needs to be always on the move, so TLL introduced Antje to our Pistachio & Ivory Collection. The collection blended with her personality. It is international in its appeal while being intrinsically Indian in its design. It can help put in long hours of looking smart in wrinkle-free fabrics while still being a cut above in comfort and styling. It is an ode to Antje's decade in India. We call it the Lumina Collection. Lumina meaning 'light' in Romanian.

This collection includes the following pieces. Buy one or buy all. You will be pleasantly surprised by its versatility to take you places. 


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